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Mahalo Ukulele
Beautiful Product with Wonderful Service

Thank you so much for your service.  I ordered two ukulele's (on separate orders) and they both arrived safely and quickly. They are both beautiful !!
Your service is wonderful ... thank you so much !!
I can't wait to see the look on my Granddaughter's face when she opens her gorgeous pink Maholo Ukulele on Christmas morning !!
The second Ukulele (a Makala Shark (blue) I purchased is for my son who will be able to play and teach my Granddaughter !!

Fusion Contact Glow End
Christos Michalakopoulos

Everything is good.

Woven Ukulele Bag - Earth

Purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter - she will love it! Uke fits snugly and the front pocket is handy. Good quality and shipping was fast.

We have just opened this today and the wrapping around the hula hoop is almost all off :(

Fire Poi Set with 75mm Wicks

I ordered three sets of Fire Poi with 75mm Wicks for my grandchildren for Christmas. Easy as to order and prompt delivery. Highly recommend three worlds. Happy customer

Wonderful, thank you!

The store staff really went all out to help me in selecting the right drum for my beloveds birthday, that and the warehouse staff were equally helpful. This was all completed over the phone btw! The drum itself is gorgeous and my partner loves it. 10/10.

Very nice - Upgraded my old Spin LED with the thicker contact handle, and good fire

So, I had bought a Fusion Spin LED, which was upsettingly light and quite annoying to spin.
I lost my handle a few months ago on a night out, and thought it was a good time to get a 3-piece contact fire staff (that could still use the existing LED ends I still had).

Previously I had the foamy grip, and this time I got the f-grip upgrade. Seriously worth the money. It only feels slightly slippery if I have oily mosquito repellent on my hand, and even then it sorts itself out quickly. Excellent for swampy weather or if you're using paraffin, and very firm in the hand.

The staff itself is well balanced and very solid. It still has more shake when doing flameoffs than my rigid staffs do, which is a shame, but it is has not been phased by impacts in practice and is still straight and true.

What has been really nice is how much better the (spin) LED ends feel with the contact handle (longer and heavier, plus f-grip). So much so that I can even do angel-rolls with that set-up now, which would have been completely unthinkable with the spin set. So I am very satisfied with that, and to be honest, that is what I tend to practice with most at the moment.

However, I have done a few burns too. I invested in Isis knots (because I'm worth it), and I can't tell how big a difference it makes (I am used to parrafin and have to use naptha in current location) but the flames are certainly big and impressive.
One touch I really liked was the protective cap of 'white glue' (PVA) that they have put on the end of the knot... the bit most likely to hit the ground if you drop it at speed. It doesn't look as beautiful as if it wasn't there, but I am a fan of 'function over form', and feel much more protected by this addition.

More importantly, since getting this set, I feel like I have progressed a lot. Partly from the versatility (big heavy alu contact fire setup, and lighted semi-contact LED setup) and ease of transport, but also that it is such a good size for me. The fire staff is 170cm, which is a bit shorter than the staffs I would normally make (180-185) but has therefore been really manageable.

Also, the team was very kind and answered lots of questions before I ordered. They even included some silicon flowers for free for me to fit later if I wanted to (as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to commit to them at time of order). The package was sent quickly and was easy to track, and although the postal costs are pretty high, I think I got a great deal overall.

Great for travel, solid mechanism!

Fellow flowmie, if you're reading this, you might be wondering if these are as good as the Fusion. The answer is yes! For me, the most significant advantage was their collapsibility. When you enjoy traveling, especially overseas, it's fantastic to be able to fit every prop into your suitcase. The connection is strong with zero wobble. Additionally, the Kevlar is of high quality, and the staffs have a satisfying weight.

The customer service was also exceptional, assisting me in great detail when I requested 3 staffs instead of the 2 or 4 options on the webshop. While there was no center point, I added one myself. It's a great way to make it more personal, especially in a color you like :) The sushi roll for the wicks is solid, making it especially recommended for those who drop it frequently, like when juggling. For a future consideration, maybe the Threeworlds team could add the option for an ISIS wick with different knots.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this product! Have fun 😊

Kids Hula Hoop
Ali Wilson
Hula hoop

My Hula hoops arrived in the colour that I ordered! All wrapped and protected for the journey and good quality!


Amazing quality and sound :)

Everything is good.

I love my new toys!


Don't walk, RUN to get one!

My partner has watched me spin for a while now and was just starting to get into it himself. This staff was perfect for him to start his spinning journey and he loves literally everything about it! The weight, the grip, the ease, the lights, the fire, the feel, the look, the length, the convenience, this purchase has got it all and for a price that you just can't pass up.
Not to mention Jason gave us wonderful customer service, so all in all I can't recommend this company or product enough for yourself or as a great gift for someone looking for a sturdy and convenient flow toy.

Gloomy :-D

These sticks are an absolute nice surprise. Even though they are really fat and heavy, they play as easy as it could be. Need to get used to the bigger diameter, but then even the fishtail works like a charm. And they look so great in the dark. My favorite sticks to play during the dark winter-time.
And yes, they are really robust ;)

TrickStix Devil Stick
Rico Thuemler
What cool sticks

I'm so impressed! Unpacked them, loved the rainbow design and the flowers and played them. Every trick worked the first time like a charm! The play so easy, fast, slow. Even new tricks are much easier to learn using them. Absolutely great product. And the surface is so grippy, it even works in cold conditions, when other sticks just slip away. Love them!

Fire Devil Stick
Rico Thuemler
Really nice fire-stuff

Hey guys,

wanna leave a short review on these very cool fire flower sticks.
In the first moment I was struggling a bit with the short silicone tube, but while playing the sticks I got used to it.
These sticks are really wellbalanced and have a lot of momentum once accellerated. They do a very good job while playing fast, but even slow playing is comfortably possible due to the really good balancing.
And the design is awesome. I love the flowers flushing by when playing the sticks.
I've not yet lit them, but I guess they will do a very good job. Will try next summer, when I'm comfortable with most of my tricks.
Welldone, guys! That's a great product!


I’ve only just joined the community of this wonderful family and with having purchased my first move products I experienced an unfortunate issue in which one of my purchases where it was damaged severely through no fault of my own or of the team at Three Worlds and they helped with a replacement which has been amazing I used it the other night and had so so much fun and it felt incredible! I will be a life long customer after my experience and I look at new products all the time adding them to my wish list!!

Perfect gift for our camping trip


Beautiful tones...very inspiring.

Lotus fans

Wonderful fans and quick delivery, thankyou!!


Excellent customer service and communication. Fast delivery, Beautiful looking drum and sound is amazing. Tuned and ready to play. Thank you Threeworlds

Amazing golden ball

The smoothest set of balls with a golden aura. This majestic golden orb makes an enlightening gift. It rolls around more smoothly than you could ever imagine - 11/10. Ensure gift recipient knows it's intended use, as it is not meant to be thrown around and doesn't bounce. The grippy texture is indeed very grippy - 13/10. Bought in gold; it is somehow shinier than the photo and almost as shiny as Harry Potter's golden snitch. But unlike Harry Potter, when I caught it in my mouth, the dentist bill was very large - worth it/10. My bad, it was so gold I mistook it for a Ferrero Rocher. Delivery within the same state came almost instantly and customer service was indeed very golden - thanks Jason and team!

Koshi Wind Chime
Tegan Narelle
Beautiful & Magical ✨️

I love my Koshi Chime. I ordered Ignis, the fire element. It has the most magical, joyful yet calming sound. I have been incorporating it into the start of my personal meditation practice & also use it with my energy healing clients. Very happy & likely will purchase another in the set :)

Silk Veil Fans - pair
Summer Studios
Thank you

Such quick and efficient service was provided with fantastic quality silk fans received. They were a stunning addition to our show.

Awesome worldwide shipping

I ordered my staff to India and it took about 5 weeks to arrive via Australian/ Indian Post. The staff was packed very well with an extra bag and everything arrived safe :)
Ready to spin 🔥

Amazing koshi chime

I have Aria Koshi chime and I really love it! It came in perfect condition! In sound bath it is one of favourite instruments to play, to listen !