We are blessed to have such an amazing collection of individuals keeping Threeworlds ticking. Truly great humans, each and every one of them.

  • Jason

    Jason is the brains of the operation. He loves problem solving, designing new things and making things better than they were. He is always looking forward to see what's next and where to take the business. In his spare time he likes nerding out, playing tennis, climbing mountains and going on random adventures in faraway places.

  • Kristal

    Kristal is the backbone of Threeworlds. She keeps the whole machine running. She is excellent at keeping all our staff inspired and on task and does so in such a kind and loving way. Kristal is making sure all the numbers are working, paying all the bills, ordering stock in, looking after the staff, working on the website and helping out all our customers via phone and email. Our longest term employee and most valued. In her spare time Kristal does fire performing, lots of yoga and meditation and loves to laugh with friends.

  • Lake

    Lake is a superstar of the family. She is the daughter of Jason and was literally made for the job. She is quicker than a robot and way more huggy. She spends her days making all the hula hoops, the Lumi staffs, the TrickStix, the Concentrate staffs and more. She currently holds the unofficial world record for the fastest hoop wrapper! Challengers welcomed. In her spare time she's actually a fairy. Loves waterfall walks, making clothes and basically crafting everything that can be crafted.

  • Bob

    Bob! If you look up the word reliable in the dictionary, you'll see a photo of Bob. He has been running our didge and drumming workshops for over a decade and has never missed a beat. Punny right. But so true! One of the most down to earth characters you'll ever meet. A true legend. We don't actually know what Bob does in his spare time. He does work full time as well so i'm not sure if he has a lot! 

  • Eden

    Eden interned at Threeworlds while finishing her last year at high school. We loved her so much we talked her into staying on after school ended. She is very intelligent and has learnt how to program our LED products and designed all the colour modes for our latest release of our Lumi Poi and Staff. She now handles most of the customer service, answering any questions you guys might have and finding ways to make processes better. In her spare time Eden loves spending time near the ocean and practicing lots of yoga.

  • Kelsey

    Kelsey brings a vibrant and enthusiastic energy wherever she is. She worked in the shop for a few years before joining the warehouse shipping team. She pumps out orders all over the world. She is an avid hula hooper and also teaches ukulele in our store each week.
    Outside of work she has a little girl and with another bub on the way has left us only temporarily. Kelsey has a huge heart and gives a lot of love to all that come in front of her and we can't wait for her to come back!

  • Sam

    Sam is Threeworlds' circus trickster. He's super talented and acrobatic. You'll be amazed watching him handstand, flip, and balance things on his nose. He also studies and makes music. This all makes him the perfect person for our shop in James Street, when he's not off with the circus of course. He's super friendly and always down to learn a new skill. In Sam's spare time you'll find him surfing, training flips and tricks and on musical adventures.

  • Robbo

    If you are buying a fire prop, Robbo either made it or made sure it was done to perfection! Head of our workshop he can pretty much make anything. He's always improving what we make and how we make it. He was originally one of our African drumming students and has been with us for 10+ years. Robbo's our rock.... and in his spare time he loves to carve gems and grow organic veggies.

  • Simon

    Simon has brought a whole new level to product development with high tech 3D Printing and his scrupulous eye for detail. Simon works on creating and refining products all the way from sourcing the highest quality materials to ensuring a smooth user experience. He's also a proud boy scout since age 8 and secret musical virtuoso as he has been playing guitar for more than half his life.

  • Jess

    Jess is bright and bubbly. Jess works in the shop spreading joy in James street and helping out customers instore. She loves to dance and incorporating flow toys in her creative expressions. In her spare time she loves painting and moving with her hoop and learning new props with her friends.

  • Nadia

    Nadia is another warehouse legend. She is hardworking, working with Kelsey in packing and getting order out the door all over the world! She's super grounded and has a calming effect on everyone. She's also flexible and go with the flow. In her spare time she loves spending time with friends at the beach and plays music and chants with her family.

  • Freddy

    Freddy works with Robbo, Lake, and Brandon making toys and props in the workshop. He loves spending quality time with his family, playing games and exploring with his two young girls.

  • Brandon

    Brandon is a man with a can-do positive attitude. He tackles new challenges and tasks in an open-minded and cheery way. He is super kind and friendly to everyone here at the warehouse.

  • Sarada

    Sarada is cool, calm, and collected. She helps pick and pack orders at the warehouse, helps out at the shop and does a lot of the product photography to keep the site up to date. In her spare time she's at the beach or chanting with her family.

  • Kalindi

    Kalindi helps pick and pack our internet orders at our warehouse. She's is clear, precise and always on the ball. In her spare time she loves to chant and play music... keys are her specialty.

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Historical Legends

The staff that have helped carry Threeworlds forward during their stay.

  • Matt!

    Matt was one of the original founders of Threeworlds along with Jason. He bought so much heart to the company for 20 years and constantly instilled the lifestyle that we aspire to promote and live by. Living a life of adventure, community, connection and fun. Often likened to Peter Pan due to his never ageing enthusiasm for life and childish pranks and laugher.
    Matt has moved on to new adventures but will forever remain embedded in the spirit of Threeworlds and we will forever be indebted to the pure hearted energy he gave.