Corporate Drumming Workshops

An African Drumming Workshop is the perfect corporate team building activity to add fun, music and interaction to your program.

 happy drumming workshop 

Suitable as an ice breaker or a playful way to break up a big day of events. Our workshops are totally hands-on with every participant having use of an African Djembe Drum or Percussion Instrument throughout the 30 or 60 minute session. Our experienced facilitators will teach drumming basics, hand techniques, several rhythms and games throughout to keep it light and fun.

Designed for absolute beginners, your team members will be playing along within minutes. Drumming in a group demonstrates the powerful dynamic and strength of playing together as a team. Whether you have a small team of 30 or a large conference group of up to 500 participants our African Drumming Master and his team are ready to facilitate an experience to remember.

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