• LED Heads

    If you have a Fusion staff or another 22mm staff, use can easily add our Lumi LED Dragon Heads.

    LED Dragon Heads 
  • Full Dragon

    Get a full LED Dragon Staff with the LED ends, ready to go!

    Full LED Dragon Staff 

Lumi LED Dragon

The all-new Lumi Dragon is a radical departure from LED Dragons of the past. From its very inception, we wanted to balance both features and affordability into one package. This brilliantly bright and feature-heavy LED Dragon brings that exceptional value.

Starting at $299.00 for a pair of LED heads, this marks a new level of accessibility not seen til now.

With a fully backed, shipping-cost-free warranty, you can order with confidence from a company that has been serving up quality props for over 20 years. ❤️

With 24 brilliant colour modes making it possible to select a different mode for each spoke giving you an almost unlimited number of combinations to help you find the style and vibe that lights you up!
Note: Real photos of spinning dragon head below. We used an 18v drill to spin slowly and evenly. 😍

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Dragon Hubs

Durable | Flexible | Light Active

Custom moulded frosted polyurethane central hub offers the maximum durability and light dispersion, all the way to it's centre. Fit and remove with a single allen key or add the optional Fusion Quick Release End Cap for tool-free, extra fast removal.

Lumi Pro Light Units


Built on the Lumi Pro LED Light Engine and featuring future-proof USB-C charging, you get brilliant colours for hours on end and some truly impressive modes to light up the night. From 2.5hrs - 10.5hrs of play (depending on the mode).

Lumi Pro Silicone Orbs


Protecting the light units, these all silicone caps also spread the light to the spoke ends and add perfect weight where it's needed.

Fusion Collapsible Staff

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Optionally, couple your LED heads with the Fusion Collapsible Staff for maximum portability. The Fusion system is world renowned for it's robust locking mechanism that feels like a solid single-piece staff.

In the Box

2 x LED Dragon Heads
6 x Lumi Pro LED Light Units
2 x 3 Prong USB-C Cables
1 x Allen Key