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Glow/Glow Staff - Concentrate Fusion Fire & Light Staff Kit

Fusion Fire & Glow Staff Kit

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This is the ultimate traveller's fire and light staff kit, including Threeworlds revolutionary, new Fusion Adapter handle that allows you to swap the ends of your staff from fire to glow in a few seconds. All you need to do is simply twist the handle clockwise to install either your fire or glow staff ends. The Fusion Adapter is totally interchangeable and has been designed to fit any 22mm tubing, which means you can swap the ends to glow, fire, dragon or anything you want. This highly engineered locking mechanism is simple to use and provides superior strength with minimal rattle. The kit packs down to less then half its length for easy travelling and takes the hassle out of being on the move. It's the perfect balance between design and function.



  • Fusion Adaptor Handle x 1
  • Fusion Fire Kit
    • Hard anodised aircraft grade aluminum tube ends x 2
    • 100mm Fire resistant Kevlar® wicks x 2
  • Fusion Glow Kit
    • Polycarbonate tube ends x 2
    • C5 Concentrate Led Light Units x 2
    • Silicone end caps x 2
    • Rechargeable AAA Nimh batteries x 2 (excludes orders outside of Australia).
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  • Hello! How long would you estimate shipping to the UK will take? What are the measurements for each part (handle / glow ends / fire ends)? Is it a different length handle which determines the difference in overall length? Thanks

    Shipping to Uk would be around 2-3 days. The length of the handle is 400mm when all connected. So on a 1400mm staff, 400mm is the handle and the ends are 500mm each.  The actually length of the handle when dissassembled is 570mm.

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