How to Clean your Fusion Staff

Keep your Fusion parts clean. Dust, dirt or fuel residue can stop your staff from connecting.

Common Issue:
If you experience your staff not locking together and continuously turning as you try to set it up, your parts could be dirty. Dirt, dust or fuel residue stops the Cam Bolt from getting traction and engaging stopping it from screwing down and in turn expand the Rubber Bush's which jam inside the fire ends.

Clean the rubber parts and inside the fire ends where these parts sit. Here's how... 


What to do if your Fusion Handle is not fitting into your Fusion Ends

The Rubber Bush's on your handle need to be loose (unexpanded) to be able to fit into your Fusion Ends. 

Common Issue: 
If your handle won't fit into your Fusion Ends the Rubber Bush's are expanded. That is their job when the staff is setup, but not when disassembled.

You'll simply need to release the Cam Bolt, turning it anti-clockwise unscrewing it which in turn loosens the Rubber Bush's.
Here's how....


How to Replace Parts on Your Fusion Staff

Your Fusion Staff will not lock if you are missing any part/s.You'll need to remove the Cam Bolt before you can change or replace any parts.

Common Issue:
If your staff isn't locking, check that you have all of your parts on your handle and none are broken. This is what your handle should look like:

Fusion Parts

Replace the parts. You'll need an M2 allen/hex key to remove the grub screw that holds the Cam Bolt in. 

Make sure that the parts are placed in the correct order and that you do not overtighten the grub screw that holds the Cam Bolt in or it will inhibit it from freely spinning and working.. 

How to Remove the Cam Bolt


How to replace the parts after you've removed the Cam Bolt...


How does the Fusion locking mechanism works

The Fusion Collapsible system uses our patented compression lock design. By twisting the handle inside the ends the cam bolt screws in and expands the rubbers which basically jams inside the tube making a super solid and stable connection. This is how we get a wobble free staff.  

Understanding how your staff works helps you get the most out of your staff and also avoid any issues. 

See how it works here...


How to remove a snapped Cam Bolt inside your Fusion End


Stripped V3 Grub Screw Hole
This video shows you how to create a new threaded grub screw hole to connect your dragon spoke

How to replace wick on a dragon spoke.

You need to be very precise and make sure that you screw into the small aluminium part on the end of the stainless cable.
1. Once you roll the wick on tight (you could hold that on with rubber bands) then use a vice to hold it firmly in place so it doesn't spin or move as you try to drill it.
2. Using a self tapping screw try to keep in the centre of the wick as you begin to drill the screw, start in reverse and then about half way down change the drilling direction to forward.
3. You will be able to feel when you are drilling into the aluminum metal or if you are slipping off.
4. Check that your wick is securely attached by trying to pull it off by hand.