Massive Candle Installation

Massive Candle Installation

Community Art is great. Getting a group of people together to create something beautiful, just for the love of it. 

Our good friend Kristian Baggerson had a dream. To build a candle mandala using 1500+ candles. It was to be 30 metres wide and a geometric masterpiece. 

So we collaborated with him to help make it a reality. Turns out it was so worthwhile!

Currumbin beach was the location. With around 50 people gathering on the day to help fill bags, and place them out on the mapped out design lines. Candle lighting began just before sunset and took a good 1.5 hours to complete. 

The wind was doing it's best to dampen the event, and at one point Kristian and I were looking at each other with dismay. The candles wouldn't stay lit in the wind. Time to pull the pin Kristian concluded. The dampened spirits of those coordinating everything didn't reach those with the lighters. The 15-20 people lighting candles just didn't know how to quit. 

Methods were devised to help protect the candles from the wind, by rolling up the bags, and twisting the tops. These methods spread fro person to person and each one tweaked the changes until eventually the candles stayed lit. 

The sunsets photos of the Mandala were no longer going to happen but the mission was to be a success. 

After an hour every candle was lit! The mandala was complete. From the ground no one knew what had been made. From the ground all you could see was candles in bags. 

They looked good but no one had any idea just how epic it would look from the drone! 

Once the stage had been set, and all the candles were placed in their spots, the drone took flight to grab some photos and footage of the Mandala! It looked incredible as you can see below. 


Once the initial mandala photos were taken, Threeworlds was up. Our role was to set the place alight with Fire and Glow. We had a crew of people ready with the new Concentrate LED staffs, Dragon Staffs and LED Swords. The video below is a capture from the drone of the scenes that followed. 



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