Dragon Staff Manufacturing

Dragon Staff Manufacturing

Dragon Flow

The Dragon Staff craze continues. It's the kind of prop that people get really excited about. Showing first timers how to do a 'Chi Roll' gets them hooked on the feel. 

I guess the main aim is to feel that 'flow'. That state where you have to let go of stiffness. Where you need to be supple and fluid. Different props encourage this in different ways.

The dragon is a shortcut there as it's moving so much and to keep it that way we do have to embrace that flow state. 

So as the art grows the gear is keeping up with it. The demand for better gear increases and as inventors and manufacturers we have taken a strong focus on the dragon staff in the past 4 or 5 years. 



Coming out with the first dragon hub that firsts on any staff, with the flexible spokes, made the dragon so much more accessible. Since then many other varieties of the same concept have emerged. During this time, we have been working hard to help push things forward even more. 


Our latest creation, the Matrix Dragon V3, is a result of this hard work. 
We spend countless hours pouring over design concepts and working with our manufacturers on sample after sample. So many failures!! But persistence brings success!!

We are super happy with the result and the Matrix Dragon V3 really is the ultimate dragon! 

View Matrix Dragon V3


So we are loving the evolution in general with many manufacturers pushing the way forward to ultimately bring you guys better and better gear to enable you more and more.   

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