2015 National Fire Twirling Competition

2015 National Fire Twirling Competition

This years comp was another epic showcase of fire performing talent from across Australia. 

It sure is great to see the fire arts growing, as people are bringing new props and moves to the table each year. This year saw loads of Dragon Staff, LED hula hoops and some very tight synchronisation.

The winning pair are from our local area. There was certainly no bias as the judges are not from the community, but are leaders in different artistic fields. So they were the clear winners based on skills alone ;)

Erin and Bryce put on such a tightly synchronised show. It was so good to watch 2 people move together with so much coordination. 

We are looking forward to next years event! 

Check out the video below of the highlights from the nights event. 

View Facebook Photo Album from 2015 Fire Comp 


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