Carbon Fibre/Fiber is the new Aluminum of Fire Spinning

by Jason Ure on August 25, 2016

Carbon Fibre Fire Staffs are making a huge inroads into the fire spinning prop scene. In a market traditionally dominated by aluminium we are seeing the pros looking to replace their gear with carbon fiber across the board. 

The benefits of carbon fibre are pretty convincing. The stuff just doesn't bend!! It's ridiculous how tough it is really. Not only that, the stuff is incredibly light weight.  

This is also a new trend in contact staff and dragon staff play, weight loss. People are preferring lighter gear, with weight focussed in key areas to help do moves that weren't possible before. 

So carbon fibre is the perfect candidate for the art of staff spinning. Light weight and super ridged! 

We have started to offer carbon fibre across our range now, from carbon fibre single fire staffs to the Fusion Carbon Fibre Collapsible Dragons. If you want to check out our range of carbon fibre gear hit up this link below. 

Threeworlds Carbon Fibre Fire Staff Range. 



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