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Musical Instruments/Hang - Pi Steel Pan Drum (hang)

Pi Steel Pan Drum (hang)

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Pi Steel Pan Drums are made right here in Australia by a very talented and established local musican, who has over 20 years in the industry. Pi's experience and rich knowledge of music has culminated in creating a world class instrument. Every Pi Steel Pan is unique and features warm tones and beautiful harmonics.

They are meticulously tuned with each tone field containing 3 notes - the tonic, the octave and the colour. The colour can be the 3rd or the 5th, but mostly below the octave the colour note is the fifth and above the octave the colour note is the third. 

Made to the highest standards using quality Australian steel that has been treated with nitride at 510 degrees celsisus to protect against rust and then dry oil finished.

Pi Steel Drums include a Stainless Steel top cover with carry handle to protect the instrument and easy travelling. In addition the lid can be placed on a carpet or cushion and works perfectly well as a calabash. The soundhole on the underside of the Steel Pan can be played to replicate an Udu claypot. 3 instruments in 1.

The maker is based in Oz for all your servicing, tuning, warranty requirements and for your own peace of mind. 

Weight: 3.75kg excluding lid or 5.6kg including lid
L: 60cm 
W: 60cm 
H: 25cm


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