Wick Comparison

We make two types of fire spokes or wicks for our dragon staff spokes, contact and spin staffs: sushi and isis. They are both made from Kevlar and last over 100 burns before needing to be replaced. The Kevlar absorbs the fuel, then once lit the fuel is burnt, leaving the wick relatively intact.


This is our most classic wick design; simple and straightforward, the kevlar is simply tightly rolled - like a sushi roll. They provide a decent sized flame perfect for practicing or performing with. 

+ Most versatile
+ User replaceable at home
+ Great for beginners and advanced spinners



Isis wicks are made by braiding kevlar rope to form a dense and mighty wick. It is braided over itself till it reaches the right thickness which adds to its durability. It soaks up much more fuel than the sushi wick giving it a bigger flame and longer burn time. This wick is only recommended for more experienced spinners or for those comfortable with and looking for a bigger flame.

+ Big flame
+ Long burn time
+ Most durable
+ Neat design

- Not easily user replaceable
- Uses a lot more fuel
- Heavier