Which frequency is best?

There are lots of sources claiming which frequency or hertz is best for healing or for specific maladies. The claims are seldom based on research or accurate sources, though there is lots of evidence supporting the positive effects the use of sound and music have on the human body. When picking a bowl, tuning fork, or chime for yourself or someone else, we recommend not becoming clouded in the discussion of what frequency is 'best' or 'correct' and instead learning more about what resonates with you based on your own experience. 

When utilising sound tools for energetic and spiritual wellbeing, we find it valuable to be reminded that the journey to healing and self-awakening is not solely a journey of physical means, rather instead an ongoing practice of mindful awareness. This is our take on it anyway ;)

Certainly there are many stories of people who have achieved healing through sound work, but we see it more as the innate healing capacity of the individual manifesting through a sound practice, rather than the instrument doing the healing.

So instead of seeking out a tool or specific frequency that has all the answers, we highly recommend exploring sound with an open mind to find out what you really enjoy working with as an individual. There's a lot to be said about following your intuition when dealing with body, mind, and soul. So if you come across a scale, frequency system or sound philosophy that really rings true for you we absolutely recommend going with that!

We recommend not worrying about which note, frequency, or hertz is better than another, or which tuning is best, and instead focus on finding what works for you. We aim to provide sound samples for all our sound tools, if you find one that you are interested in that doesn't, please reach out to us and we'll help you out :)

Sound is a powerful tool, we are amazed at the deep relaxation and wonder it brings. For us, it creates a space that invites us to dwell in the present moment where worries and stressors about the past or future melt away. It is by being fully present that our minds are at peace and we love using sound to explore this deeper.