V3 Matrix Dragon Hub - Setup Instructions

1. Push the spacers into the inner edge of both sides of the hub.

The hub is designed to fit a 22mm pole. Spacers can be used to downsize your hub to fit a 19mm pole, available separately or as ordered.


2. Insert the spokes.

This one hub can setup as a 3 or 4 wick dragon.
You’ll see 3 dots marked on the underside of the hub to show you a 3 spoke setup.

3. Tighten the grub screws to secure your spokes into position.

Ensure they are screwed in tightly and always test your dragon before every use.

4. Position the two halves of the V3 hub onto the end of your staff. Swivel the locking bolt to connect the two halves and tighten using your allen key.

Ensure the V3 Hub is clamped level with a metal end cap. Check that it is attached both to the staff and the end cap to ensure it will not fly off. Double check that your hubs are secure before each session of use, but do not over-tighten as this may crush your staff.


WARNING: If attaching to a Carbon Fibre Staff then the Carbon Fibre should have an aluminium end cap inserted in the each end to help reinforce it. Position the V3 Dragon Hub in line with the aluminium end  cap - see photo above for correct positioning. Failure to use end caps may cause damage to your staff, as the clamping action is very strong. This will not be covered by warranty.


It's a good idea to remove and grease/oil the grub set screws and bolt from your hub to deter them from rusting. Do this more regularly if you live close to the ocean.