Staff Comparison

We offer three types of Fusion Staffs for our dragon staffs: Carbon Fibre, Aluminium and the new Hybrid Staff. Each has their own unique properties and purposes; read on to find out which is best suited to you.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre is super strong and super light which is what makes it such a good material for props like contact staffs where you want all the weight to be at the ends rather than through the body.

+ High tensile strength especially for its weight
+ Lightweight and responsive
+ Can be gripped with any grip
+ Can be used with fire dragon staff attachments

- Can crack from high or forceful drops
- Wick cannot be attached directly to it



Our aluminium staffs are constructed from 20mm x 1.6mm extruded 7075 Aluminium tube. It's a great balance between weight and strength and super versatile.

+ Good for those who prefer a heavier weight staff
+ Robust staff for more heavy-handed spinning
+ Can be gripped with any grip
+ Great value for money
+ Fire proof and can be used with any dragon staff attachments

- Can bend from high or forceful drops



The Hybrid staff is the newest addition to the family. If combines polycarbonate with aluminium tubing to bring more glow to dragon staffs and more strength to LED contact staffs.

+ Glows down the body of the staff
+ More rigid than traditional LED staffs
+ More colour variations when used with LED dragon attachment 

- Not able to be used with any wick or fire 
- Can only be gripped with silicone grip