Lumi LED Dragon Manufacturing Process

16th July 2022

We are now in the final stages of manufacturing. 
All moulds have been manufactured and confirmed and production is underway.
The PCBs and firmware are finalised and in production also. 


11th July 2022

Final samples of the silicone orbs cleared for production. 


8th July 2022

We have decided to add a clear 20gram weight to each spoke to improve the feel for those that prefer a bit more weight. These will be added with each order with the option to add extra weights for those that like extra heavy dragons. The design matches the swirl of the orb and is in production to arrive alongside the other components. 


3rd July 2022

Final samples of the hubs confirmed for production. 


2nd July 2022

Samples of silicone orbs received and modifications made to improve the durability of the design. The final design has a fully sealed end which offers maximum protection for the light unit against heavy drops. Mould modifications underway.


8th June 2022

Samples of the hubs arrived and tested. Only very minor changes were required to improve the finish of the product. 


17th May 2022

The firmware changes are finalised offering a new 5 second lock on the button to avoid any accidental mode changes whilst spinning (dropping) your staff. To unlock the button press once, then press again to change modes within 5 seconds for normal operation. Button inactivity exceeding 5 secs will lock the button again. Mass production order placed. 


15th May 2022

Silicone Orbs final design approved after countless design iterations and in-house samples being made. Order placed for tooling and mass production. 


10th May 2022

Tooling and mass production order placed for the hubs. Awaiting samples to test and confirm before producing the bulk order. 


24th April 2022

Final design for hub complete. Awaiting completion of other components before placing mass production order. 



Many samples, ideas, deviations and refinements made over the proceeding 6 months. 


3th October 2021

Initial hub design drafted and printed for testing.