Kayu HandPan Care & Tuning Warranty

Congratulations on purchasing your new Kayu Steel Hand Pan. This hand pan is constructed from Stainless Steel. It  is designed to be played by hand only and is a finely tuned and delicate instrument that may go out of tune if not cared for and handled correctly.


  • leaving your instrument in the sun
  • wearing rings & jewellery while playing
  • heavy hitting
  • sticks or mallets, unless soft and played with care
  • knocks and drops


If you do accidentally leave it in the sun, do not play it while it's warm. Steel is more malleable when hot and the notes may be changed if played while hot. Allow the instrument to cool down before playing.


Your hand pan will stay in tune if properly cared for. If your instrument does go out of tune, tuning must be performed by a professional. Your first tune is free directly from the manufacturer. You will need to cover the cost of freight to the manufacturer located in Zunyi, China. Freight cost is approximately AUD $120. The overall re-tuning turnaround is approx 3-4 months including shipping time. 

If your hand pan requires tuning in the future please contact us by emailing us for full instructions info@threeworlds.com.au