Flute Size Guide

How to Pick a Native American Flute That Will be Right for You
Native American Flutes are a beautiful instrument with a captivating sound. They have a long history dating back to over a thousand years ago and have evolved over time to become the flutes we know today. They are said to have been both a way to communicate in the night as well as a courting instrument to express love.
It's super important to pick the right sized flute for your hands and will make all the difference when you're learning. The size of a flute will dictate the pitch so larger flutes give a deeper and lower tone and smaller flutes will be higher and brighter.
We've divided our flutes into three sizes – small, medium, and deep.
Small flutes are great for younger flutists and for those with small hands, and for those seeking the bright, spritely, pixie-like sounds of a higher pitch. These flutes will suit most hand sizes except very large as the sound holes are smaller and closer together.
Medium is a safe bet for most hands as they are right in the middle and offer a good balance of depth and playability. They have a smooth, warm tone and are incredibly comfortable to play. Those with slightly smaller hands may want to stick to the smaller end of this range such as keys of A, & B. Those with a bit more length in their fingers may find flutes in the key of F & G more comfortable.
Deep, and larger, flutes should be reserved for those with large hands with quite long or flexible fingers as the sound holes tend to be wider and spaced further away making it quite a stretch, or even impossible, for most hands to reach. These flutes have an incredibly soothing quality though and are very desirable for meditation music. Flutes in the key or E & D are slightly more playable. Flutes in the key of low A or B are the largest of all flutes and also the lowest tone.