Lumi Lights Update

Lumi Lights Update

We have been shipping the newest update to the Lumi light units for a month now. 
These new lights have a number of new features that make them more intuitive and enjoyable to use. 

1. Debounce!! Now when you drop your Lumi Dragon or Staff, the mode will not change on you. We have implemented a debounce on the button so very brief impacts with the button are ignored. 
2. Double click to turn on!! This also means your lights will not turn on during the day when you are practicing and drop your staff. 
3. Double click (while on) to go back a mode!!! No more cycling through 24 modes to get to that mode you wanted but accidentally clicked past. Just double tap to go back a mode! 
4. Turn off instantly. No more waiting for flashes. Press and hold for a short moment and boom, the light is off. 

We have also improved the idle battery consumption. 
Overall, this is a very user friendly update and fixes the main annoyances customers had with the lights. 

Enjoy !! :D 

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