Should I Get Carbon Fibre or Aluminium?

We know how important it is for your props to be strong and durable while also being well weighted and functional. We've selected the materials we use based on these requirements to bring robust props to flow to the max.

Selecting whether you would like an aluminium or carbon fibre is a personal choice but to make the choice hopefully a bit easier, here are some key attributes to each material and their strengths and any potential weaknesses.

Ultimately, it is totally personal preference; some people prefer a heavier staff, some prefer lighter.


Carbon Fibre


Carbon Fibre is super strong and super light which is what makes it such a good material for props like dragon staffs where you want all the weight to be at the ends rather than through the body. These attributes are super attractive to spinners of all levels and is the most popular material used by pros. Its downfall is that it is a brittle material, which is what gives it such a dynamic and even bouncy feel, but also means it can crack or break if it is dropped from the wrong speed, height, or force.




We use 7075 extruded aluminium for our props. It brings a bit more weight than carbon fibre which is good for those who want a heavier dragon staff. The heavier weight can feel a bit more 'glued' to your body, making learning contact a bit easier. It may also be more appealing to beginners as it is more affordable and will bend from high/fast drops instead of snap. Its downfall is it is a softer material and can dent or bend under force.