Product Updates Timeline

We continually update and improve on existing products, along side of developing new ones. Here we will keep a record of updates and changes to our products. 

Feb 2024

Front Spoke Adapter for Ultra Hubs. 

New ReleaseView

Add end wicks to your Ultra Hubs with this new adapter. 

Jan 2024


Lumi Pro Light Units

  • Completely upgraded build.
  • Much much longer standby battery life. 
  • Much brighter strobe modes. 
  • New double click for on (won't turn on in bag accidentally)
  • Double click when on to cycle backwards through the modes. So good for when you accidentally go past the mode you like. Just double click to go back a mode. 

Lumi Poi

  • New silicone outer spiral water drop shape. 
  • Much softer and longer lasting compared with the old PVC balls.

Lumi Staff

  • New quick release one piece moulded handle. 
  • Adjustments made to handle soon after launch. If you have broken tubes, please get in touch for free replacements. 

Lumi Juggling Balls

  • Completely new product. 
  • New silicone ball outer. 
  • Soft quiet pallet inners. 
  • 120grams. 70mm diameter.