How to Choose Your Slackline

There's a few things to think about when deciding which slackline to buy, including your experience level and the style of slacklining you'd like to do. Here's a guideline to help you choose:


The length refers to the maximum span that the line can be setup between two anchor points eg. tree to tree. This means you can set your 25m at a shorter length like 10 meters. In general beginners will find it easier with a shorter line as you will be able to get greater tension.


Most lines on the market today are 50mm wide and the majority of the slacklines we sell are 50mm. Wider lines are slightly easier to walk on than 25mm lines, feel more comfortable under foot and psychologically offer more support. 


Gibbon Slacklines - are the biggest name brand on the market. They are German based and theire lines are manufactured in China. 

Elephant Slacklines are our brand of choice. They're a German based company, who manufacture in Germany to the highest quality standards and have a great range of lines to choose from. 

Zen Slacklines are a budget line of slacklines owned by an Australian Company and made in China. 


For Fun & Balance - we recommend the Elephant Rookie, Elephant Addict, Gibbon Classic or Zen Slackline.

For Tricklining - we recommend the Elephant Freak, Gibbon Jibline, Gibbon Surferline

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