Grip Comparison

We offer two types of grip for our spinning and Fusion gear: EPDM and Silicone. Each has their own unique properties; read on to find out which is best suited to you.


Silicone is an environmentally sound, clean product. It's washable and very durable. It's the longest lasting grip and provides excellent grip when dry. It does suffer when wet whether that be from humidity or sweat which is it's only real downfall.

+ Extremely long-lasting – you wont have to replace it often
+ Excellent grip in dry conditions
+ Fully washable to keep it looking and feeling new
+ Transparent so you can see markers underneath for more precise spinning

- Doesn't handle wet conditions/sweat well. You may have to wipe it down with a dry cloth occasionally during use. 



EPDM is simply a black foam strip. The foam is soft, grippy and stays grippy in most situations – even when wet. It does leave some black residue on skin after use as the foam is uncoated to maximise grip and it will need to be replaced after a while once it wears out.

+ Great level of grip
+ Grippy in wet or dry conditions
+ User replaceable at home

- Wears out – you will have to replace this grip after a while
- Leaves black residue on skin