Fire Poi Materials


Threeworlds SoftPoi ends are all wick and none of those hard metal parts. This means they don't hurt when they hit you (when they're not on fire) and without the metal inner, there's more wick so they burn longer too. Bound with 2mm stainless steel cable, for increased life and safety.

Our Fire Poi have been streamlined to reduce the points of friction and causes of tangles. Combining parts, and completely removing the need for others has helped us create a poi that is seamless from handle to flame.

A Grade Materials
The best in the industry Kevlar Wick ends.
Curb chain manufactured in the USA.
316 Stainless Steel Cable and Components.
Soft and Comfortable Silicone Handles.

Soft Poi Design
Kevlar Length = 570mm
Thickness = 3.2mm

Welded Curb Chain
Width = 2mm

Silicone Knob Handles
Material = Silicone
Width = 20mm