Dragon Hub Guide

Quick Comparison

Ultra Hubs

  • Quick release 
  • Inserts inside tubing
  • More lightweight 92g each

V3 Hubs

  • Compatible with dragon and contact staff
  • Attaches to outside tubing
  • Heavier 120g each

    Detailed Comparison

    Ultra Hubs


    • Versatile and light-weight at 92 grams each.
    • 3 or 4 spoke configurations.
    • Inserts inside your tube and twists on and off by hand in seconds (no tools required).
    • Interchangeable spokes gives you freedom to change from fire spokes to LED spokes to daytime practice claws.
    • It is a dragon hub + Fusion Quick Release End Cap in one.


    • Compatible with only 19.1mm inside diameter tube.


    To add an extra level of security add a Locking Pin to your Ultra Hub setup. Recommended for dragon artists who incorporate hard and fast direction changes in their flow as the Locking Pin will disengage your Ultra Hub from possibly un-tightening due to the force. Add Locking Pin Here.

    V3 Hubs

    • Takes 6 or 8 spokes on the same hub, letting you add or subtract more or less fire/glow anytime .
    • Attaches to the outside of any 22mm outside diameter tube, or 19mm (OD) with shims
    • Can use on a Fire Contact Staff.
    • Change from fire spokes to LED spokes to practice spiral claws.
    • Weighs more at 120g each.
    • Allen key required to remove hubs.
    • You need end caps on any Carbon Fibre tube as clamping action may crush carbon fibre. These need to be removed to be used with the LUMI Heads. These hubs can be used with the Fusion quick release end cap to make this process more convenient.