Carbon Fibre vs Aluminium

We have two materials available for our Fusion gear. They both have their own benefits and neither is necessarily better than the other. At the end of the day, it really is all up to personal preference; What some may see as a negative others will see as a positive!

Strong Aluminium Tubing

Made from extruded 7075 Aluminium tube. It's the perfect balance between weight and strength, which means you'll enjoy this staff for years.

+ Strong
+ Fireproof 
+ Robust

+/- Heavier than carbon fibre

- Can get bent from impact

Lightweight Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre is super strong and super light which is what makes it such a good material for props like contact staffs where you want all the weight to be at the ends rather than through the body.

+ Lightweight and responsive
+ High tensile strength, especially for its weight

- Not fireproof so can't be used for contact fire ends
- Brittle

An option we offer since the contact fire ends can't be make from carbon fibre is to include a carbon fibre handle which will still make your staff a bit lighter and direct weight towards the ends.