Flicker Fire Staff with 75mm Wicks


5 Lt Firelight Fire Twirling Fuel


Fire Spark


Flare Fire Staff with 100mm Wicks


Spiral Dragon Claw - Modular Spiral to fit Dragon Staff Hubs


Fire Poi Set with 50mm Wicks


Fire Poi Set with 75mm Wicks


Collapsible Fusion Carbon Fibre Dragon Staff


Spark Fire Staff with 50mm Wicks


Fire Palms - Pair


Dragon Breath Powder - Lycopodium Powder


2 Inch Kevlar Wick - Per Metre


Fusion Contact Fire Staff


Matrix Contact Fire Staff With 100mm Wicks


V3 Fire Dragon Staff Adapter Kit


3 Inch Kevlar Wick per meter


Mystical Fire Flame Colourant


Poi Bag


Dragon Fire Spoke


Kevlar Thread 20mt Spool


Fire Staff Bag


Fusion Carbon Fibre Pure Staff


Fire Hula Hoop - Instant Wicks


Silicone Grip per metre


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