Fusion Free Replacement Handle Program
Fusion Free Replacement Handle Program

Fusion Free Replacement Handle Program

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Please upload a picture showing your current handle with hole in top.

This product is only for those affected by the Fusion 6061 aluminium issue.
All orders not verified under this replacement program will be deleted. 

We have just come to know of an issue with two components used to make the Fusion Handles. 
This relates to any Fusion purchased through us or any other outlet after 14th December. 
It's not a huge issue and doesn't present any dangers, however, we do want to ensure you have the best quality product possible.
You can continue to use your prop, following the guide below, until a replacement arrives. 
The aluminium used to manufacture the handle ends and cambolts was replaced with a lower grade 6061 aluminium. 
This grade of aluminium is not acceptable as it will not last as long as the 7075 which we typically use. 
The thread on the cambolt and inside the handle end will wear much quicker than normal. 
It is safe to use as is so long as the thread is moving freely and the handle tightens as per usual. 
We would like to replace all the handles that have this inferior grade of aluminium used. 
We will send out the replacement handles free of charge and you will not be required to return the handle you have. 
1. Identify if you have the inferior parts. 
If your cambolt has the new hole at the top, it's up for replacement.
If not, you are all good and can ignore this message.  
2. If you do have this hole at the top, please attach a photo showing this. 
File upload is done above the "Add to Cart" button above. 
3. Select the handle that matches the one you had purchased originally. Optionally, you may change the grip free of charge at this point and if you wish to upgrade to carbon fiber it's $20. 
Note: We will be confirming your selection against the original purchase. i.e. No free upgrades to carbon fiber sorry ;) 

4. Confirm your address on checkout.
5. Hold on tight. We will ship your replacement ASAP. 

Optional.... Extend Life of 6061 Handle
Extend the life of the existing handle to buy time until replacements arrive. 
Add grease or vaseline to the thread of the cambolt and spread on evenly, then reinsert. This will prolong the wear and tear and keep the prop useable at least until the replacement arrives. Make sure to clean out the thread as much as possible before adding the grease. Also, try to avoid getting any lubricant on the rubbers as this will affect the locking system. 

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