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Glow/Glow Staff - Concentrate Play Series LED Light Staff

Concentrate Light Painting Photography Stick (LED)

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Photography Light Stick

The Concentrate Light Painting Photography Stick is a photographer's dream tool. Add colourful and bright trails of light to your images by playing with long exposure settings on your camera. The stick has a centre clear silicone grip/handle and lights up the whole way along the staff.  

Engineered LED Light Stick

When this much thought goes into a product you can feel it. Every part is extremely well thought out and manufactured to high standards to ensure your staff will last. 


One Light - Many Modes

The powerful chip and programming on board allow this LED unit to pump out a crazy number of colours and modes. You can select from the 9 presets or create your own with a double tap. The options really are limitless.

Super Durable

This staff is made from polycarbonate tube. One of the toughest plastics available. Commonly used as bull-bars on vehicles. The simple but powerful C5 LED unit is protected by a large silicone cap at the ends. This also adds weight where it's needed. 



The Concentrate LED range is famous for it's brightness. We pack in the brightest custom made LED diodes you can buy. Each light unit pumps light into the polycarbonate tube that has optical brightener in the mix to refract the light perfectly along the full length of the staff. The result is a seriously bright staff with very vivid colours. 


Rechargeable AAA

This staff is powered by standard AAA rechargeable batteries. No waiting around while your staff recharges, just swap out the batteries with a fresh set and keep on spinning! Get 2-4 hours of lights on from each charge.  

Optional USB Charger 

Add a USB recharger to charge from any USB outlet. Comes with over-charge protection and in a compact and affordable design. 


The C5 light units comes with a 12 month warranty, covering any manufacturing issues with the light unit. Just get in touch and we will help sort out any issues.


Staff - 22mm Polycarbonate tube. 
Grip - 25mm Silicone. 
Ends - Silicone Caps.
Lights - 2 x C5 Light units.
Batteries - 2 x Rechargeable AAA 950mah NiMh Batteries. (included with Australian Orders only)

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