If you just received your new Fusion staff or are having issues with your existing staff, this is the place for you.  

Getting Started & Troubleshooting 

 Understanding how the Fusion System works.  


If you have issues, you may be able to resolve them simply. Check this image below to ensure that you have all these parts. 

To order your spare parts, please visit our spare parts page
Fusion Parts

Known Issues 

We have a program in place for free replacement of the plastic washers. We have found some customers washers are brittle and can crack. These have all now been replaced with nylon, which solved this issue. This affects products purchased between 14th June - 18th August. 

Nylon Washers

To order your free replacements, please visit this page


Past Issues

Early 2018 - Purchased between Dec 2017 and Feb 2018.  
We issued a free replacement program for all those with affected products. To learn more about this issue and to see if you were part of this check out this page. https://www.threeworlds.com.au/products/fusion-free-replacement-handle-program