Fusion Carbon Fiber Dragon Staff

Fusion Carbon Fiber Dragon Staff

This is the ultimate Dragon Fire Staff on the market, combining Fusion's revolutionary collapsible staff with Threeworld's latest V3 Dragon. 


  • Carbon Fiber tubing that's super strong, light and robust
  • Fusion handle allows you to setup your staff in seconds
  • Fusion staff is solid and rattle free for dragon moves
  • Perfect for travel as the Fusion Staff breaks down to a third of it's size
  • Fusion staff is a modular system that allows you to change the ends from dragon, fire or glow ends
  • Dragon one size fits any 19mm, 22mm or 25mm (with the addition of a spacer to the hub, sold separately)
  • V3 Dragon gives you the option to change from 6 to 8 spokes
  • Dragon hubs can be removed by quickly by unscrewing just one scre
  • Kevlar wicks are attached to super thick stainless steel cable
  • Silicone gripping for extra grippiness
  • Threeworlds workmanship and quality of materials are unsurpassed worldwide.

Kit includes:
1 x Fusion Carbon Fiber Contact Handle
2 x Fusion Carbon Fiber Contact Ends
2 x V3 Dragon Hubs
6 or 8 x Fire Spokes 
1 x M3 Hex Allen Key

*** Note: The Fusion Carbon Fiber Dragon Staff includes fixed end caps made from aluminium.
Fixed end Caps are highly recommended as they protect the end of your staff and add extra strength.
Let us know if you do not require end caps or will be pairing with Fusion End Caps, sold separately.

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