Fusion Dragon Pro / Collapsible Carbon Fibre Staff
Fusion Dragon Pro / Collapsible Carbon Fibre Staff

Fusion Dragon Pro

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Initial price is for the staff and hubs. Please, add your spokes to calculate total kit price.


The Fusion Dragon Pro incorporates the Fusion Collapsible Carbon Fibre Staff with the Revolutionary V3 Dragon Hubs to make the Ultimate dragon staff.


Combining travel and dragon staff twirling is made easy with Fusion Dragon Staffs. They set up in seconds by simply connecting the three pieces and twisting them into a secure locking position. 

The highly engineered patented locking mechanism on the Fusion handle provides superior strength with no wobble or rattle which is extremely important for a balanced flow.

A solidly machined hinge means no moving parts and instant collapsibility.

The kit collapses down to about 1/3rd of the assembled size, perfect for carrying around and storing when not in use.

The Dragon V3 Hub gives you the option to completely remove the hub with just one screw allowing for quick setup and pack away. The spokes can remain on the Dragon V3 Hub even while the hubs have been detached from the staff handle ends. 


The Fusion system is completely modular and has been designed to fit any 22mm tubing. This means you can swap the ends of your Dragon Staff to fire wicks, LED or Spiral Claws.

From day to night, keep yourself in creative flow with each component accepting the same spoke design allowing you to quickly add and remove components to your Dragon Staff using the same tool and set screws. 

No Rattles

The Fusion Dragon is focused on a rattle-free experience to ensure smooth transitions during your fire staff spinning sessions. The 8mm spokes are secured with set screws allowing a simple and reliable lock. This system enables you to use any 8mm spoke ends on your V3 Hubs, they all fit!

Three / Four Spokes

The V3 Hub allows you to swap between 3 and 4 spoke setups. Customising your ends provides a unique and personalised experience to your flow granting you choices between more fire, less weight, or alternative spokes!

Remove Hubs in seconds

No more taking out the wicks to remove the hub. You can now easily remove the hub with one bolt. Three or four turns and it's off!

end caps

The aluminium end caps are manufactured to fit snug inside of the carbon fibre ends and provide a solid base to tighten the hubs onto without cracking the carbon fibre.

Light Carbon Fibre

Professional fire spinners all over the world are preferring carbon fibre based on its unique properties. Carbon fibre provides high stiffness, strength, lightweight performance and corrosion resistance. This means wobble-free spinning and allowing you to perform for longer, being aided by the lightweight properties which make up the carbon fibre staff.

A lighter staff body means there's more weight on the ends with the hubs which is exactly what you want to achieve balanced and controlled flow.


The refined design process and quality of workmanship along with premium graded materials make Threeworlds unsurpassed worldwide. All components are custom made to precise specifications which provides cohesion and a refined and polished feel to the product.

The majority of our products are designed, made, assembled and shipped from one location ensuring everything is put through thorough and consistent quality control.

Product Features

    Fusion Handle

    • Patented Fusion Locking Mechanism
    • Precision Engineered 7075 Aluminium
    • Solid Feel
    • Rattle Free
    • Ideal for Travel
    • Breaks Down to a Third of its Size
    • Sets Up in Seconds
    • Modular System

    Kevlar Wicks

    • Authentic Dupont Kevlar Wicks
    • 100+ Burns Per Wick

    Carbon Fibre

    • Super Strong
    • Light
    • Robust
    • High Stiffness


    • Gripped with Silicone for a super long-lasting and grippy feel.
    • Extremely long-lasting
    • Super tacky
    • Washable
    • Maximum Grip when clean and dry
    • Environmentally sound, clean product.


    • Our EPDM provides an ultra-grippy and comfortable feel.
    • EPDM Grip is a favourite of Dragon and Contact Staff spinners worldwide due to its high grippiness.
    • Perfect for beginners and experienced spinners alike.

    V3 Hub

    • Fits 22mm Staff (Outside Diameter)
    • Additional Adapter to fit 19mm Staff Available Upon Request
    • Hubs Designed to Change from 6 to 8 Spokes on the same Hub
    • Remove by Unscrewing Only One Screw

Staff Dimensions

  • Full Length: 1400mm - 1700mm
  • Handle Length: 400mm
  • Staff Outside Diameter: 22mm
  • Staff Including Grip Outside Diameter: 25mm

    To calculate the weight of your staff, add up weights from the specs below including staff with the correct length, 2 x dragon hubs for each end of your staff, and however many wicks you would like.

    Staff Weight

      • 1400mm = 461 grams
      • 1500mm = 476 grams
      • 1600mm = 511 grams
      • 1700mm = 536 grams

      Dragon Hub Weight

      • V3 Dragon Hub 22mm = 115 grams
      • V3 Dragon Hub with 19mm Spacers = 120 grams
      • F3 Dragon Hub 22mm = 68 grams

      Spoke Dimensions

      • Dragon Fire Spokes = 80 grams
      • Spoke Overall Length: 180mm
      • Wick Width: 1.75" (40mm)

    • Dragon Claw Spokes = 100 grams
    • Claw Overall Length = 225mm

    • LED Dragon Spoke = 96 grams
    • Spoke Overall Length = 150mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Bekky D
    I’m in love ❤️❤️❤️

    Super happy with my dragon staff!!! Carbon fibre + EPDM with 4 spokes. It’s perfect. I love the upgrade in design on the end attachments. Was super easy to put it together. I love the storage bag I ordered too :) Everything was there and the delivery was as quick as it could be with the delays taking place. Thanks Threeworlds!!

    Giancarlo Lizio
    100% satisfied 👍👍

    I pay for what i get! Honestly the quality is top! Delivery very fast in a very safe package. Totally satisfied! Would recommend 👍👍

    Jamie Archibald
    Dragon staff order

    My order was correct and arrived very promptly to Canada. Love my collapsible fusion carbon fibre dragon staff!

    Julie Patrick
    Awesome quality

    Great quality, customer service and fast shipping. Feels wonderful to spin and easy to set up.

    Matt Konieczny
    Best staff I’ve used

    The staff itself is lightweight and extremely easy to roll around the body. I would recommend. Also the customer service is top notch, I had problems as I made two separate orders by mistake. I contacted them and they combined the orders in the same packaging and refunded one lot of shipping.