Over 20 Years in the Making

Threeworlds have been hand making djembe drums for over 20 years. Now hand carved and painted in Africa and Indonesia and then skinned here at our warehouse in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. 

Quality Drums Made with Love

All our drums at Threeworlds are made using the synthetic heads, an amazing breakthrough for djembe drumming worldwide. The quality skins we use are better than ever before. Providing a natural, warm and full body sound. Lasting longer than animal skins, are completely water proof, don't go out of tune with temperature variations, are more resistant to wear and tear, extremely durable and are also vegan friendly.


6" Beats Djembe Drum


10" Beats Djembe Drum


10" Ghana Djembe


10" Mahogony Djembe Drum


12" Mahogany Djembe Drum


12" Ghana Djembe


10" Pro Ghana Djembe


12" Ghana Djembe Painted


12" Pro Ghana Djembe


10" Samba PVC Realfeel Djembe


12" Samba PVC Realfeel Djembe


9" Ghana Djembe


10" Painted Ghana Djembe


MP Djembe Basket Stand


12" Primo Ghana Djembe


Traditional African Guinea Djembe 13"


8" Beats Djembe Drum Pink


13" Ghana Djembe