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Friday 1st December to Sunday 3rd December
Book it into your calendar.

The upside is that we have a little more time to make things even better. To align with our original vision, it's going to be a more free-flowing and organic timetable.
You can decide on the day if/when you'd like to run a workshop.
There will be a big whiteboard with times and spaces listed. If you want to put on a workshop/talk/performance just write the topic/theme and time/place on the workshop board.
Everything is spontaneous and everyone is welcome to share. Everyone is equally a teacher and a student.

The vision is that the event works with the energy and participation of the people who attend it. Everyone is encouraged to get involved and help out where possible.
We all share the responsibility of making the event as awesome as possible. It's all about the power of community and sharing.

Rainbow Mountain Health Sanctuary
701 Tallebudgera Creek Rd Tallebudgera Valley QLD
It's such an amazing property with a beautiful swimming hole, loads of big trees, a temple, a bamboo chai tent structure and big grassy fields.
It's like a picture of what you'd paint if dreaming up the ideal site for a festival/gathering.
We hope to hold events here for many years to come!

We are taking a bit of a hit financially postponing the event. (lost original site fee, and hire fee of equipment)
To help fund the event on the new date we have a voluntary fee of $35pp for camping just to cover the site fee.
Either way, we would seriously prefer you come than not, so we are just happy if you make it.

Workshops, singing, dancing, music, flow arts, acro, meditation, tai chi, yoga, health, circus skills, fire twirling, healing, relaxation, lifestyle, breathing, parenting, art, gardening, walking, swimming and anything else you want to bring.

We are looking forward to all the goodness we can all create together, it's the start of something very unique.




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